Creating a large-scale social platform for the Brave Inventors brand

#special project

MAKE SENSE has developed a national social platform for Cosmolot that combines all of the brand’s charitable projects and activities into one powerful and effective initiative.

Brave Inventors is the largest wartime inventors and inventions platform in Ukraine that brings together inventors, militaries, volunteers, investors, military experts, responsible companies, and all Ukrainians who are going through the war together with the frontline. The platform hosts drones, UAVs, robotic equipment, anti-drone guns, and other inventions.

Here, Ukrainian inventors can post their developments and receive comprehensive support: media coverage, own page presenting each invention, expert support, donations, and investments. The mission of the project is to strengthen Ukraine’s military potential, help significantly change the course of the war, and really bring the Victory closer!

MAKE SENSE created the idea for the project, developed an online platform, a communication strategy, a strategy for collaborations and partnerships, branding, and is responsible for comprehensive project support in all communication channels.

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