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Make Sense
a strategic marketing agency that specializes in creating brand and communication strategies, advertising campaigns, special projects, and strategic support of 360 brands.
  • Brand strategy
  • Communication strategies
  • A brand of innovation
  • Rebranding
  • 360 advertising campaigns
  • National special projects
  • Social and charitable projects
  • Launch campaigns
  • Digital special projects
  • Special projects in social media
Creative accompaniment
  • Video production
  • Creativity and design
  • Placement of media campaigns
  • Strategic consulting
  • Non-standard tools
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Our four values

everything to us

Global thinking gives inspiration. We look at things globally, and approach broader to typical tasks.

We seek to find more opportunities for brands
at both local and global markets.

This is love to our work and responsibility first of all to ourselves about the result.

We enjoy the process, but we enjoy business results from our campaigns even more.

The most difficult and large-scale projects we do easy and with light mind.

Simplicity in perception of projects and the world, simplicity in communication, simplicity in the rapid pace and the speed of realization.

Our approach is a permanent process of improvement and search for new hypothesis, approaches, insights.

We name it a “crystallization” — permanent improvement at the level of forms, senses and actions.

We help big companies to become even more successful, and medium businesses to jump
up to the major league and transform into big brands for more than 15 years.

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