Developing creatives for a social campaign

Farmak and ADD Pharmacy chain

This initiative is a joint pilot project of Farmak and ADD Pharmacy chain, which will allow Kyiv residents to hand over their expired medicines.

All collected medicines will be safely disposed of through a special high-temperature incineration performed by a licensed contractor. Expired medicines can not only be harmful to health if they are accidentally consumed. When we flush them down the drain or throw them in the trash, they harm the environment, animals, and us.
The main message of the campaign is “Recycle your medicines – save the planet!”. The campaign communicates with people on behalf of expired medicines, each of which has its own character, personality and soul.

MAKE SENSE developed a creative idea for the campaign, project identity, infographics, and a video script that was realized in a colorful advertising animation. The agency also provided advertising placement on YouTube, media, the subway, and on outdoor media near pharmacies.

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