Creating a poultry brand for national chains


MAKE SENSE has developed a brand strategy for a new poultry brand from the manufacturer AGRO-OVEN

The chicken market is overflowing with creativity. Some claim that their products are free of antibiotics, others focus on the nutritional properties of meat, and some do without branding at all.

In search of a solution for AGRO-OVEN, the agency conducted a series of focus groups to find the true insights and truth of the brand.

It turned out that one of the properties of chicken meat that consumers are not satisfied with in the offered assortment, is excessive wateriness. When the meat is defrosted, the quality and weight of the meat leaves much to be desired.

Having familiarized ourselves in detail with the production of the AGRO-OVEN company, we learned about its unique air-droplet cooling technology, which reduces the cooling period by 10 times and allows poultry meat to remain fresh and without excess water in the composition.

On this brand truth that we decided to build our concept and created a new brand of poultry “Zolotko” WITHOUT WATER.

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