Developing a brand strategy and rebranding

# Constructive

MAKE SENSE turned Konstruktiv into an engine of new construction.

MAKE SENSE has developed a brand strategy and carried out a complete rebranding for Konstruktiv, one of the leaders in the supply of building materials and professional construction equipment.

In the process of developing the strategy, the agency conducted a series of studies, disassembled the most successful global suppliers of building materials, analysed Ukrainian and international construction trends, and conducted a series of in-depth interviews with developers and real estate market participants.

The strategy is based on the universal need of the market to build new and in a new way! It is centered on the philosophy and principles of new construction, which answer the question of what it means to build in a new way. “We charge for new construction” is the key message of the brand and the main impetus that Konstruktiv gives to the market.

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