Creating a poultry brand exclusively for ATB

Zolotko ATB

MAKE SENSE has developed a new line of Zolotko poultry exclusively for ATB

ATB is one of the largest supermarket chains in the country, which has its own characteristics and a specific audience of customers. For a new brand, entering such a chain is always a “task with an asterisk”, because it is necessary to know the ATB buyers well, their motives and preferences.

Having gotten to know Agro-Oven’s production better, it turned out that the company exports chicken meat with European quality to 55 countries. And the focus groups confirmed that people trust the quality of the products which are exported abroad.

The agency chose the message “EXPORTED TO 55 COUNTRIES” as the main one so that buyers could be proud of the quality level of the national producer, and also enjoy such chicken in Ukraine.

The second meaning of the new line is to add even more value by sharing the recipes that “Zolotko Exportne” has collected while traveling the world. Thus, on different packages of chicken, we placed QR codes that lead to a special landing page helping ATB customers to find options for cooking chicken in different countries of the world: Armenian style, Turkish, Georgian, etc.

The design of the new line is made in premium colors and decorated with “customs control” stamps, supporting ATB’s strategy of providing its customers with a high-quality premium product at an affordable price.

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